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ZAO «Barnaul`skii` zavod e`nergeticheskogo mashinostroeniia»

ZAO «Barnaul`skii` zavod e`nergeticheskogo mashinostroeniia» is engaged in manufacture of boiler, boiler and auxiliary equipment, design and manufacture of elements of pipelines of steam and hot water (reducing-cooling installations, reducing installation, cooling equipment, power valves, etc.). One of the main activities is the production of draft machines - flue-gas pumps and fans.


We specialize in the production of centrifugal and axial draft machines, industrial fans and smoke exhausters for various purposes all sizes low, medium and high pressure for a variety of environments and temperatures in industrial, corrosion-proof and explosion-proof. Draft machines are made of carbon steel, heat-resistant, stainless steel, titanium alloys.


The company has a successful long-term experience with large power systems, plants and enterprises not only in Russia but also abroad. Exhaust fans and fans, manufactured in our factory, work successfully in many companies in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Iraq. They are widely used in various industries such as mechanical engineering, chemical industry, oil and gas producing and processing complex, construction industry, energy and other industries. Liaise with design institutes in terms of the pre-emptive use of plant products in development.


In addition to the production plant, having the structure corresponding unit provides services for industrial safety examination of draft equipment, installation, commissioning and maintenance exhaust fans, fans, boiler and auxiliary equipment.

Partnerships with companies engaged in large-size cargo transportation in Russia and CIS countries, allowing you to quickly and efficiently implement reliable product delivery to the warehouse of the customer at competitive prices.


Focusing on the professionalism and quality - this is the concept of our company. In the production process we use only certified materials and components. Marketing services and technicians of the plant is always ready to provide you with comprehensive commercial and technical information that will help you select the right equipment.

Availability of necessary licenses and other permits for production activities and the provision of scientific and technical services, coupled with the above, allows the plant to occupy a worthy place among the enterprises of their profile, confirming the reputation of a solid and reliable partner and supplier.


  • We ordered in ZAO «Barnaul`skii` zavod e`nergeticheskogo mashinostroeniia» two smoke exhaust. Exhauster ГД-20 and Exhauster ДОД-31,5.. We were satisfied with the level of service and prices. Thank you.
    Marina F. Deputy Chief Engineer
  • In our first workshop we already installed Exhauster ДН-26х2-0,62 of ZAO «Barnaul`skii` zavod e`nergeticheskogo mashinostroeniia». When we build a second workshop, of course, turned to him for the same smoke exhausts ДН-28,8х2. Thank you.
    Vitalii S. CEO
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