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Fans are intended for airing of mines and mines of coal and ore mining industry in case of ambient temperature from +50 °C to-20 C and the moved air with a density of 1,2 kg/m ³, relative humidity to 100%, by dust content to 30 mg/m ³ and content of impurity in the number of no more provided PB in coal and slate mines. Fans can be used also in systems of ventilation to airing of large shops, to technological needs and all-exchange ventilation of the entities metallurgical, chemical and other industries where working conditions sompadat or are close to conditions of basic purpose in accordance with GOST 11004-75 and in case of compliance to requirements of the existing specifications and technical documentation.


  • We ordered in ZAO «Barnaul`skii` zavod e`nergeticheskogo mashinostroeniia» two smoke exhaust. Exhauster ГД-20 and Exhauster ДОД-31,5.. We were satisfied with the level of service and prices. Thank you.
    Marina F. Deputy Chief Engineer
  • In our first workshop we already installed Exhauster ДН-26х2-0,62 of ZAO «Barnaul`skii` zavod e`nergeticheskogo mashinostroeniia». When we build a second workshop, of course, turned to him for the same smoke exhausts ДН-28,8х2. Thank you.
    Vitalii S. CEO
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